2024 REVALUATION – Begins fall 2023


Owen Assessing LLC will be starting work on the 2024 revaluation process in the fall of 2023 and continuing throughout the summer of 2024.  All property will be visited, and entrance will be requested, however if you are concerned about the Covid-19 and wish for the assessors to only ask questions at your door or over the phone that will be an option.  The assessors will however be visiting all properties and updating photos of the exterior of the buildings and reviewing the measurements, and conditions of the of the buildings. 

Under Wisconsin State Law, assessment statues, chapter 70.47(7)(AA) “No person shall be allowed to appear before the Board of Review, nor to contest the amount of any assessment of real or personal property, if he shall have refused a reasonable written request by certified mail of the assessor to view such property.

 The Valuation process will be completed sometime after September 2024. Upon completion of the valuation process, notices of assessment will be sent sometime after September of 2024.  Please also note that the Assessor has certain statutory authority to enter land as described in Sections 943.13 and 943.15 Wisconsin Statutes.

The Ability to enter land is subject to several qualification and limitations, as described within the foregoing statutes. These statutes can be found at the following web site. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/rsb/stats.html

Appointments can be made with Owen Assessing LLC by calling 715-643-2081